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How we provide safe drinking water

SPLEF upholds the Convention that provision safe drinking water should be left in the hand of professionals, since water is the basic human right and life.  With master class, we provide safe drinking water to everyone, with high sense of professionalism. Also with the support of SPIO mechanical and Construction Company limited, as the parent company, we provide nothing but the best.

SPLEF Believes

Everyone  have a right to survive, thrive and fulfil their potential – to the benefit of a better world.

That means equal access to services, safe drinking water and care that can make all the difference in everyone’s lives. It means working to achieve the best human fairness and equality.  That limitation exists when anyone set his or her mind to it, you can be great, even the greatest if you choose to, choose the best choose life choose unlimited dreams and success

How we do it

How does SPLEF work to improve the lives of everyone? We provide safe drinking water, though free donation of standard boreholes to the communities. We partner with other eg UNICEF and nation water resources institute  Kaduna  and other    willing individuals  to better humanity. Provide quality gender friendly VIP toilet to schools and communities to enhance sanitary and hygiene.   We train and retrain youths and women in skill acquisition e.g mechanical and construction, computer, production of cosmetics, boreholes digging and rehabilitation.